Putting certain myths to rest

Many women are afraid of lip fillers because of the anticipated pain. The truth is, a numbing cream is used to numb your lips prior to lip filler being injected. Also, the filler contains lidocaine, which is also a numbing medication. In reality, most people rate the pain a 2 or 3 out of 10. Only an experienced injector should be trusted, using an FDA approved filler.

Many people also love the idea of a good deal found on Groupon. Save the Groupon for a manicure or massage! Some spas dilute their Botox and Dysport or charge you for units that are not given. This could result in an undesired or unsatisfactory look. Also, many injectors are not nurses and are not actually qualified to inject. Pay special attention to who you trust. Be aware that what seems to be a great deal, may not always be what's best for you!

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